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Holistic Frequency Jewelry

NW Tuning Element
Northwest Tuning Element is the region's only major dealer of the scientifically proven Tuning Element. Our Stainless steel and Tungsten jewelry tuned, as one would a tuning fork, are tuned to the Earth's natural hertz frequency of 7.83. Our products provide an all natural and holistic way of maintaining your body's own natural rhythm; letting you operate the way that nature intended. Unlike many of our competitors, our products are backed with a lifetime warranty and come with a money back guarantee.
It works, but HOW?!: Everything is energy and emits an energy frequency.  Frequencies can be beneficial to the human body and many are harmful, such as the EMF (electromagnetic field) that most of us are bombarded with 24/7 from cell phones, video games, computers, artificial lighting, etc.  This constant insult keeps us from a biological harmonious state.  When Tuning Element jewelry comes in contact with skin, the Hertz frequency embedded in the metal (just like a tuning fork- which never goes out of tune) resonates with the body and allows optimal function while providing protection.